2020 Spring Meeting of the Federal Facilities Task Force

Virtual Meeting | May 5 – 6, 2020

The National Governors Association hosted the Federal Facilities Task Force (FFTF) Spring Meeting from May 5-6, 2020 via remote Zoom meeting. The meeting featured expert speakers from the Department of Energy (DOE) and internal states-only discussions. Sixteen FFTF members from twelve different states attended. In consultation with DOE and members of the FFTF, NGA developed and shared an agenda and other meeting materials, extended invitations to speakers and FFTF members, and coordinated logistics.

Topics discussed with DOE included: complex-wide waste disposition pathways planning, including budget, capacity and transportation issues related to key waste streams like High Level Waste and Transuranic Waste; how the states and DOE EM can effectively collaborate to achieve cleanup milestones; and DOE and state collaboration on risk communication. The FFTF also attended a DOE-hosted webinar briefing on the DOE EM Vision 2020-2030: A Time of Transition and Transformation. In states-only sessions the FFTF provided updates from each cleanup site; discussed the DOE EM webinar briefing and areas for continued coordination with DOE related to the ten-year vision; waste stream volumes, issues and disposition pathways at each of the sites and how activities at one site might impact milestones at others. NGA Center also developed an in-depth presentation for the FFTF on the latest events, issues, personnel changes, and budgetary changes from across the complex. Following the meeting, NGA Center provided a summary of key points and other highlights, hyperlinks to meeting presentations, and next steps.  

NGA leads the Federal Facilities Task Force, a group of governor’s appointees from a dozen states tasked with collaborating, regulating, and working with DOE to ensure that DOE is accounting for state perspectives in its defense nuclear waste cleanup activities.