State Trends for Advancing Energy Storage

Advanced energy storage technologies are transforming the U.S. electric power market to one that is more resilient, cleaner and more diverse. As the costs of advanced energy storage technologies such as lithium ion batteries drop and market demand increases, the potential benefits are motivating states to act. The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) has been helping governors’ offices explore these issues through two recent policy papers, follow-up webinars and technical assistance.


December 7, 2017
State Trends for Advancing Energy Storage
This webinar provided state policymakers with insights on some of the ways that states can advance the deployment of energy storage, such as setting statewide energy storage procurement targets and creating financial incentive programs for storage technologies. Specific approaches to advance energy storage in Nevada and Vermont were provided within the webinar.


  • Jessica Rackley, senior policy analyst, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, NGA Center
  • Angie Dykema, director, Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy
  • Anne Margolis, renewable energy development director, Vermont Department of Public Service


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