Operational Coordination for COVID-19 Response and Recovery

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows in scale and complexity, so does the number of state, federal, local, nonprofit, and private assets deployed to assist in the response. Governors play an important role in ensuring these partners can, and are, working together to define strategies and achieve goals. This operational coordination enables unity of effort, reduces misuse, errors, and duplication of activity, and optimizes the amount of human, physical, and financial resources available for various missions. To be effective, operational coordination will need to be applied across all phases of the COVID-19 crisis lifecycle, from immediate response and long-term recovery to mitigation of future outbreaks.

All NGA coronavirus memos can be found here, or visit Coronavirus: What You Need To Know for current information on the status of COVID-19 In The United States, a list of actions states/territories have taken to address both the public health and economic impacts, and policy resources.