NGA Chair Supports Vice President’s Cancer Initiative

WASHINGTON—The Cancer Moonshot initiative, led by Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, aims to make a decade worth of progress in understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer and caring for patients in the next five years.

Governors, including National Governors Association (NGA) Chair Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, recognize that a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer. “Governors understand that fighting cancer takes a holistic approach. NGA has worked to identify strategies states can adopt to improve their tobacco control programs in order to reduce costs and improve the overall health of their populations. I am proud that NGA’s work on comprehensive tobacco control can be used to support the goals of the Cancer Moonshot,” Gov. McAuliffe said.

In September, NGA released Health Investments That Pay Off: A Comprehensive Approach to Tobacco Control, a paper that examines a multi-pronged approach for states: preventing initiation, promoting cessation and eliminating health disparities caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

States such as California and Arizona have implemented comprehensive tobacco control programs, yielding net savings within the first five years of implementation. The paper encourages other states to improve their tobacco control programs as well.

The Cancer Moonshot program is designed to bring the nation together for a common goal: preventing and eradicating cancer. Gov. McAuliffe supports this initiative and looks forward to working with other stakeholders to achieve its mission.