Governors Applaud President’s Action on Drones

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today issued the following statement in support of a presidential memorandum that creates a pilot program for state and local governments to collaborate with the federal government on the regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones:

“States have been at the forefront of responsible drone regulations that not only encourage innovation, but also maintain public safety. The pilot program outlined by the White House is a step toward protecting the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ability to ensure the safety of the national airspace, while understanding state and local governments must maintain their authority to protect public safety and personal privacy.

Going forward, governors encourage Congress to use the principles advanced in the memorandum to guide legislative efforts to develop a long-term regulatory framework for drones that better outlines an intergovernmental partnership.

It is absolutely critical that innovative technologies, including drones, continue to grow, but first we need the regulatory framework to guide this technology. States stand ready to collaborate with the Administration and the FAA to illustrate responsible models for drone regulation through this pilot program, and we look forward to continuing to work with Congress on a long-term solution.”

In addition to the collective statement, NGA Chair Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval also weighed in, saying, “This presidential memorandum recognizes the critical role of state, local and tribal governments in shaping the integration of unmanned systems into our airspace and, as we look to the future, our daily lives. I applaud President Trump for his action. Governors look forward to working with Secretary Chao as she executes this important effort.”