Governors Applaud Signing of the First Step Act Into Law

In response the President signing the First Step Act into law today, leaders of National Governors Association (NGA), which advocated for the passage of a bipartisan criminal-justice bill intended to enhance public safety and opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals, said the new law represents historic progress toward improving outcomes.

“The National Governors Association applauds the President for signing the First Step Act into law,” said NGA Chair and Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “Many of our states have begun to implement evidence-based, data driven policies to increase public safety and reduce recidivism, and this represents a critical step forward for the federal government in that direction. Governors stand ready to work with the Administration to implement these reforms in order to achieve a fairer criminal justice system.”

NGA Vice Chair and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan added: “States are leading the way on criminal justice reform, and the federal passage of the First Step Act is a great accomplishment that builds on the progress governors across the country are making in their states. In Maryland, we enacted the Justice Reinvestment Act, a bipartisan, comprehensive criminal justice reform package that protects our citizens and communities, restores families, and allows for better outcomes and opportunities for those who come in contact with the justice system. Maryland strongly believes these reforms are transforming our criminal justice system and we are pleased to see this action at the federal level.”