Governors Call on the Administration to Renew the Public Health Emergency

The National Governors Association, on behalf of the governors in all 55 states and territories, calls upon the Trump Administration to renew the Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19, set to expire July 25.

The public health emergency facing every state is far from over. Despite months of response to the coronavirus pandemic, many states have hit record numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases, causing many governors to pause or roll back re-openings.

The U.S. government must ensure governors, states and territories continue to have all the tools necessary to manage the COVID-19 surge. The PHE declaration, along with Stafford Act Declarations, ensures that critical resources, including enhanced FMAP, funding for testing the uninsured, and critical regulatory flexibilities, remain available at the federal and state level.

Without these options, governors’ ability to protect the health and safety of their residents will be reduced at a critical time.