Governors Issue Statement on National Guard Assets

WASHINGTON – Today, National Governors Association Chair Governor Spencer Cox of Utah and Vice Chair Governor Jared Polis of Colorado released the following statement on the erosion of Governor authorities and consultation regarding National Guard assets. 

“Governors on both sides of the aisle call for the immediate discontinuation of legislative proposals that endanger or deny the full and legitimate authority of Governors to act in the capacity of Commander in Chief to their respective National Guard across states and territories.

“Legislation that eliminates or reduces the authority of Governors pertaining to National Guard units within their state, including missions, equipment, or personnel undermines trusted historical partnerships, decades of precedence, and mission readiness and operational efficacy. 

“Governors uphold support for provisions in federal priorities such as Title 10 and Title 32 of U.S.C., which require gubernatorial approval before any modification to Guard units and assets within their jurisdiction.

“Governors’ priorities include ensuring the National Guard is equipped with adequate resources and capabilities to serve as the operational reserve for national security missions while supporting all domestic emergencies. Legislation or proposals altering the enforcement protocol of such authorities will negatively impact future security missions, military readiness, recruitment, retention, and Guard infrastructure across the nation.”