Governors Urge Continued Federal Action Combatting Opioid Epidemic

WASHINGTON DC — Today National Governors Association (NGA) Chair Brian Sandoval of Nevada and Vice Chair Steve Bullock of Montana joined Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Governor Kate Brown of Oregon in authoring a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, urging continued congressional action to combat the opioid epidemic. The governors applauded the recent bipartisan efforts across committees aimed at ending the epidemic and requested further federal support of states grappling with the impacts of opioid addiction.

The letter comes amid an intensifying public health crisis, with an estimated 116 Americans losing their lives to opioids every day. States are at the forefront of crisis response, working with both local and federal officials to rein in opioid prescriptions and to help individuals struggling with addiction access treatment and recovery support.

In the letter, the governors highlight key legislation aligned with federal recommendations released by NGA earlier this year and ask that any legislation ensure flexibility for states to address the unique challenges facing their communities. Continued collaboration and action by the federal government, state and local officials is critical to ending this public health crisis and protecting children and families.