States Advance Energy Goals Through New NGA Opportunity

The National Governors Association (NGA) today announced that five states— MarylandMississippiNorth Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington—will participate in a state retreat to help them explore innovative policies and programs to reduce energy costs and consumption, conserve natural resources, enhance the use of clean energy resources and improve resiliency in the public sector.

Annually, states spend more than $11 billion, or up to 10 percent of their operating budgets, for energy to power state-owned buildings. Through innovative, “lead-by-example” initiatives, states can save energy by helping advance energy efficiency and renewable energy goals in public facilities.

Governors can position their states to more effectively lead-by-example using executive orders and other authorities and engaging legislators and the private sector. The retreats will help governors’ staff and other state officials and stakeholders explore specific challenges or goals within one of the following areas: energy efficiency in public facilities, renewable generation for public facilities or energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and technologies to enhance resiliency.

The NGA Center for Best Practices’ Environment, Energy and Transportation Division has worked closely with states over the last 10 years to support understanding and implementation of best practices in lead-by-example initiatives.

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