States Develop Strategies for Public Health Preparedness, Response

WASHINGTON—The National Governors Association (NGA) today announced that six states, ArizonaHawaiiIllinoisNew JerseyOregon and West Virginia, have been selected to participate in a workshop where they will develop strategic action plans to implement during public health emergencies.

Public health disasters, including those natural or man-made, have the potential to overwhelm states’ emergency response capabilities, which can result in widespread injury or loss of life. States not only have to plan and respond to diseases of national significance, such as Ebola and the Zika virus, but may also have to respond to more localized outbreaks from other diseases, such as measles.

The NGA workshop is an opportunity for governors, legislators and other state officials to gain greater awareness about policy solutions that will help mitigate the consequences of public health emergencies.

During the workshop, state teams will have access to national experts through virtual meetings and regular conference calls with NGA staff and partner organizations. The workshop will take place May 1-2, 2018.

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