States Modernize Electric Power Sector

The National Governors Association (NGA) today announced that four states— KentuckyOregonRhode Island and Washington—will participate in a new effort to help modernize the electric power sector. Through the project, state teams will design action plans around issues such as fostering grid modernization, resiliency and environmental stewardship.

Evolving economic trends, technological advances, customer preferences and policy changes have created challenges to utilities’ traditional business model. Through the NGA project, states will address those challenges, learning how to effectively navigate the power sector’s transformation. The goal of the project is to position states for long-term success as they seek to align market incentives with policy goals for a cleaner, more efficient and more resilient power sector.

For the past three years, the NGA Center for Best Practices Environment, Energy and Transportation Division has provided states expertise in power sector modernization. This policy academy will build on those efforts, which include work with governors’ offices and public utility commissions from more than 25 states.

NGA policy academies provide an intensive technical assistance opportunity for a small group of state teams to develop and implement strategies for addressing complex public policy challenges. The policy academy process and lessons learned from it are also intended to serve as a catalyst for adoption of best practices in all states..

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