Catch up on video highlights from National Governors Association meetings, events and initiatives.

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Address by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia, addressed the 2018 Winter Meeting of the National Governors Association. “American leadership in the world is in our interests,” Turnbull told governors. “But it is in yours, too. I stand with generations of American leaders who have seen its global alliance network not as a burden but as a force multiplier that, first and foremost, has enabled American prosperity and security.”

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Education Policy Conference

The Governors’ Education Policy Advisors Institute recently brought people together to share ideas and solutions for the policy issues facing states.

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Education Division Strategic Plan

From early learning through college and career, governors are uniquely qualified to drive state policy across the education and workforce pipeline.

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Trudeau Addresses Governors

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech to the nation’s governors at the 2017 National Governors Association Summer Meeting.

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2017-2018 Chair’s Initiative

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval unveils Ahead of the Curve: Innovation Governors, which focuses on two areas where governors can lead: energy and transportation.

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Conversation with Elon Musk

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the 2017-2018 NGA Chair, talks about innovation and technology with Elon Musk at the 2017 NGA Summer Meeting.

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President Trump at 2017 Winter Meeting

President Donald Trump, who had recently taken office, addressed governors at the White House during the 2017 Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C.

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