2019 Summer Meeting: Video Coverage

Video coverage of events in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 25 and 26, 2019

Opening Ceremony & Plenary: Good Jobs for all Americans

Governor Steve Bullock, 2018-2019 NGA Chair, will formally open the Summer Meeting, welcome all participants to Utah and preside over a conversation about his initiative, Good Jobs for All Americans. The world of work is transforming at a rapid pace, and governors have a key role to play in preparing workers to adjust to these changes.

Plenary Session II: Combatting Human Trafficking

Every year, millions of men, women and children are trafficked in countries around the world. The United States is a source, destination and transit country for human trafficking, and all states face human trafficking challenges. This critical conversation will focus on how state governments and external stakeholders can partner to better address human trafficking today and in the future.

Plenary Session III: Improving Outcomes for Disconnected Youth

One in eight youths in America between the ages of 16 and 24 is considered to be “disconnected,” meaning they are neither in school nor employed, and they lack the education level and job skills to become self-sufficient adults leading full and productive lives. Governors will hear directly from prominent public figures about the personal impact of the challenges youth face and will be presented with state level-solutions they can implement.

Welcome and Recognition of America’s Space Program

This session will recognize both the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing and the continued contributions of America’s space program. The director of the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama will join governors for a discussion about this anniversary and how the space program continues to provide valuable economic, academic and scientific benefits for every state

Plenary IV — Driving the Conversation: Safer and Smarter Roadways

Despite several years of improved safety on our roadways, recent trends have shown troubling increases in traffic fatalities. In fact, vehicular crashes, 94-percent of which are caused by human error, are now killing nearly 40,000 people every year. Governors are an essential part of any solution to improve coordination and strengthen existing efforts across state agencies to adopt strategies to reduce traffic fatalities and improve safety on the roadways for all users.

Plenary V — Infrastructure: Foundation for Success

Moving people, products and information drives America’s economy forward and serves as the foundation for our nation’s success. To keep moving ahead, we must repair, expand and modernize our infrastructure in ways that will grow our economy, create jobs and meet the needs of the 21st century.

Governors across the country are leading the way by upgrading roads, bridges, trains and mass transit, improving neglected regional and international airports, fixing aging water systems, providing high-speed internet access and connectivity and keeping our infrastructure safe.

This session will launch the 2019–2020 Chair’s Initiative for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. It will focus on how states, private partners and others can work together to identify and utilize innovative approaches to building a more efficient, innovate, smart and secure infrastructure system.