NGA is partnering with the social networking service Nextdoor, a trusted name in local communities, to ensure important resources are available at the neighborhood level. Given social distancing and telework requirements in many states, neighbors are sharing information online. Twenty five already have a partnership with NextDoor: California, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, and Washington. NextDoor is partnering with thousands of public agencies to provide no-cost solutions for local messaging.

Since news of the coronavirus first appeared in China, and as the virus has spread across the globe, governors have been applauded for their leadership during this public health crisis. As the chief executive closest to the public, governors are uniquely able to speak to the fears and uncertainties in their respective states. A Monmouth University poll revealed people gave governors high marks for their handling of COVID-19, with 72 percent of the public saying their state’s governor has done a good job.

Neighbors use Nextdoor to exchange helpful information, coordinate volunteer activity, and keep in touch with each other during the COVID-19 outbreak. The platform can also be used to share information about grocery store hours set aside for elderly and at-risk individuals, and basic necessities needed during periods of home isolation.

If you would like to speak to someone at Nextdoor regarding how your state can use this tool for distributing information, please contact Dan Parham.


“We’ve created a way for members to report mis-information, and many other features to  ensure neighbors ​receive accurate information​. ” – Nextdoor