State Equitable Recovery Coalition

Beginning in March of 2020, Governors took action to address once-in-a-lifetime economic circumstances by providing assistance to displaced small businesses and workers, while putting in place longer-term supports to help Americans succeed in a changing world of work. The State Equitable Recovery Coalition, in partnership with Education Strategy Group and supported by the Siemens Foundation, built on these initiatives and others to strategically maximize networks, expertise and resources on behalf of the Governors of states and territories and the workers they represent.

The coalition complemented existing networks to take advantage of shared expertise in helping develop sustainable, equitable recovery and growth after the economic disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, while leveraging the opportunity to address issues related to workforce, education, public services, and racial and economic justice. The coalition provided technical support to help advance Governors’ community and economic recovery goals over a period of a year from 2021 to 2022.

“Now more than ever, we need an all-hands-on-deck approach to support states building an inclusive and resilient recovery for America’s working families, and that’s the goal of the State Equitable Recovery Coalition. Governors continue to be at the forefront of that work. We are proud to support NGA and the coalition to advance this work and our mutual commitment to economic, social and racial justice for all in the United States.”

David Etzwiler, CEO of the Siemens Foundation

Action Labs

The NGA Center for Best Practices hosted a series of action labs for Governors’ staff and state teams on intersectional issues with the common goal of increasing economic opportunity for students and workers with low income.

Action Labs:

For more information about the State Equitable Recovery Coalition please contact Amanda Winters at AWinters@NGA.ORG.

Resources and Events from Members

  • Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s Student Parent Success Initiative has published their newest report, Re-Engaging Student Parents to Achieve Attainment and Equity Goals: A Case for Investment in More Accessible Postsecondary Pathways. The report concludes with tailored recommendations for building a more supportive, inclusive postsecondary system that creates accessible opportunities for parents, especially single parents and Black, Indigenous, and Latinx parents, to earn postsecondary credentials.
  • COABE Journal: The Resource for Adult Education is an open-access journal focused on innovative ideas and practitioner experience that supports the field of adult education. The most recent edition focused on immigrant integration and racial equity. Click here for more details.
  • This brief from Credential Engine explores how full, open, and transparent access to information about credentials and their value can be a crucial element of how states can work to dismantle systems that have created the inequities we see today.