Vaccinate with Confidence Learning Lab

National Governors Association (NGA) is working with four states – Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan and North Dakota- on a learning lab aimed to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake using behavioral insights. After many months of successful vaccination efforts, several states are now seeing stagnant vaccination rates and growing gaps between people who have received their eligible doses. Messaging and approaches must address barriers to access and increase education on immunization benefits.

The 2021 Vaccinate with Confidence Learning Lab is a nine-month learning opportunity to support state efforts in addressing barriers for vaccine uptake. Representatives from the four states are convening in biweekly workshops to support peer learning, discuss communication strategies and learn the principles of behavioral science from experts. The learning lab is expected to conclude in August 2022 and will include a publication with promising strategies to increase vaccine confidence.

This Learning Lab is a part of NGA’s ongoing efforts to promote COVID-19 vaccination. Previously, NGA created a toolkit for immunization strategies for children under 12 and a publication with considerations for covid-19 vaccine uptake in rural communities.