NGA Selects 5 States to Address Managed Care as a Tool to Drive Health System Change

The National Governors Association (NGA) competitively selected five states — Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Wisconsin — to participate in a new project focused on implementing best practices for Medicaid managed care to support broader health system change. Throughout the 15-month project, governor-appointed teams from these states will work to strengthen their Medicaid managed care programs by improving contract language, modernizing procurement processes, strengthening monitoring and oversight, and expanding relationships with Medicaid managed care organizations, providers and consumers.

Across the country, governors are addressing the rising cost of health care while at the same time prioritizing improving health systems and health outcomes. Many governors are taking a proactive approach to this national problem and seeking new strategies within their Medicaid programs.

For many states, re-designing the health care delivery system requires more effective partnerships with their Medicaid managed care plans. This project will assist state teams with strengthening their Medicaid managed care programs to address state health priorities such as social determinants of health, health equity, long term services and supports, and multi-payer value-based purchasing initiatives.

Representatives from each of the state teams will join NGA and national and state experts for a kickoff meeting Jan. 9-10 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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