Opioid Reference Guide for New Administrations

Developed by the NGA Center through a survey and extensive consultation with senior state officials and other national experts, our new opioid “Reference Guide for New Administrations” highlights key questions, priority data streams and actions governors can take to leverage actionable data.

In the complex fight against the opioid overdose epidemic, states can use data to identify critical needs, direct resources and drive policymaking. An NGA survey of 41 states conducted in September 2018 found that at least 33 states are comprehensively employing data as a key part of their opioid response plans to align and target efforts to reduce the number of opioid-related overdoses. Informed by lessons learned from the states, the following brief provides a guide for new governors and senior state officials to develop a targeted data strategy that includes timely data exchange and collaboration across state agencies for more effective information sharing.

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