State Reporting: NGA Compact To Fight Opioid Addiction

In July 2016, 46 of the nation’s governors signed A Compact to Fight Opioid Addiction, marking the first time in more than 10 years that governors developed a compact through the National Governors Association (NGA) to spur coordinated action on an urgent national issue. One year later, governors reported on the steps they have taken to reduce inappropriate opioid prescribing, change the nation’s understanding of opioids and addiction and ensure a pathway to recovery for individuals with addiction. NGA asked governors to provide two to three examples of actions they have taken in each of those three areas. The chart linked below does not provide an exhaustive account of states’ efforts but a snapshot of how the compact is driving action across the states. Key themes from the information governors reported are summarized in a one-pager on NGA’s website.

NGA Opioid Compact State Reporting Chart