Resource Center for State Cybersecurity

The significant and continued growth of cyber-attacks against the United States makes cybersecurity a critical issue for all governors. To help states address the consequences of the rapidly evolving and expanding technological threats now faced by law enforcement agencies, public works and energy agencies, private financial and communications sectors and the general public, the National Governors Association (NGA) launched a Resource Center for State Cybersecurity (Resource Center). The Resource Center, co-chaired by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and  Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, will provide governors with resources, tools and recommendations to help craft and implement effective state cybersecurity policies and practices.To inform the work of the Resource Center, NGA is working with leading experts, practitioners, representatives from key state and federal agencies and representatives from private industry to develop resources and tools and to provide strategic recommendations on state cybersecurity issues.

NGA is focusing the work of the Resource Center on the following issues:

State and Local Partnerships in Cybersecurity


Innovative Practices


Cybersecurity Podcast

An ongoing series on cybersecurity, hosted by Jeff McLeod,  the Director of NGA’s Homeland Security & Public Safety Division, featuring special guests with expertise across a range of cyber issues.

The State of States’ Cybersecurity

  • Terry McAuliffe | Former Governor, Virginia
  • Richard Clarke | CEO, Good Harbor Security Risk

The Opportunity of Cybersecurity to Grow State Economies

  • Todd Thibodeaux | President and Chief Executive Officer, CompTIA
  • Sean Dalton | Co-Founder, Cybersecurity Factory
  • Frank Wang | Co-Founder, Cybersecurity Factory

Cybersecurity and Health Care

  • Christopher Wlaschin | Executive Director And Chief Information Security Officer, HHS
  • Joshua Corman | Chief Security Officer and Senior Vice President, PTC
  • Beau Woods | Founder/CEO, Stratigos Security

Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

  • Stan Partlow | Vice President & Chief Security Officer, AEP
  • Mark Bristow | Deputy Division Director for Hunt and Incident Response Team, NCCIC-DHS


Current Projects