Maryland, I-270 Innovative Congestion Management Project

By 2030, the average daily traffic on Maryland’s I-270 is estimated to increase by 15 percent, from 260,000 vehicles to nearly 300,000 vehicles. In 2017, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced the $100 million I-270 Innovative Congestion Management Project, which is incorporating both roadway improvements and innovative technologies to reduce congestion. The roadway improvements target 14 existing bottlenecks across the 34-mile corridor, using a “right-sizing” approach to maximize capacity and address safety. Applying a dynamic and integrated traffic management system, the I-270 project also is installing more than 25 real-time traffic signs and more than 30 intelligent signals, cameras, and sensors to create an automated flow management system. Expected to be completed in 2020, the I-270 project is estimated to reduce commute times by up to 30 minutes. 

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