Briefing on Community Responses to Mass Violence Incidents

On Thursday, June 22, the National Governors Association (NGA) hosted its monthly briefing for the Criminal Justice Policy Advisors (CJPA) network.  The briefing discussed best practices and available resources for Governor’s offices when responding to a mass violence incident.  Other networks on the call included NGA’s Consortium of Public Safety Executives and the Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council (GHSAC). 

The briefing featured a presentation by Dr. Angela Moreland-Johnson, Associate Director with the National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center (NMVVRC) and state remarks from Jennifer Brinkman, Director of the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP). The briefing included an overview of the three main phases of mass violence victim assistance, (planning, response, and recovery and resilience) and a discussion of best practices for Governor’s offices when developing a mass violence response plan.  More details and additional resources are available through NMVVRC and The Office of Victims of Crime (OVC).  

NGA holds monthly briefings for Governors’ Criminal Justice Policy Advisors. Please reach out to Maria Kearl ( for additional information.