National Governors Association Welcomes 10 States to Join Children and Families Core Advisory Board

The National Governors Association today announced its new Children and Families Core Advisory Board members for 2022. Each year, a small group of governors’ human services policy advisors and agency leaders are selected to provide critical input and feedback on the structure and content of the NGA Center’s work with the states on human services and early childhood education and care issues. The CAB will convene to supply NGA with up-to-date perspectives on governors’ priorities, providing input on the content and materials offered by the Children and Families team.

CAB members include:

  • Jordan Burgess, Policy Advisor to Governor Hutchinson
  • Brianna Keys, Policy Advisor to Governor Murphy
  • Charlie Brereton, Policy Advisor to Governor Gianforte
  • Stephanie Hogenson, Policy Director of Minnesota Children’s Cabinet to Governor Walz
  • Nick Moore, Policy Advisor to Governor Ivy
  • Kristin Guillory, Policy Advisor to Governor Cooper
  • Jamie Birch, Deputy Policy Director to Governor Parsons
  • Malia Taum-Deenik, Legislative Coordinator for Hawai’i Department of Human Services
  • Lourdes Padilla, Secretary of Maryland Department of Human Services to Governor Hogan
  • Sydney Forrester, Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee

About the Core Advisors Board

The NGA Children and Families team established the CAB to support policy efforts and provide input and feedback on governors’ top priorities impacting the lives of children and families. The CAB holds 10 advisory seats for Governors offices, 5 republican members and 5 democrat members, that are selected by the C&F Team based on participation and involvement over the past year, with considerations to ensure a diversity of political thought, background, and perspectives. Additional representation from NGA partner organizations may also occur.