Creating Water Resilience: State Regulations for Water Reuse and Recycling

As water resources continue to be stressed even in traditionally water rich states by climate change, population growth, pollution and other issues, water reuse and recycling can offer one solution to meet increased demand and pollution reduction. Authority for developing water reuse regulations lies with the states which are in different stages of adopting potable and non-potable water reuse regulations. This webinar will provide an overview of the benefits of water recycling and how state regulations can help or impede its adoption and how the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Water Reuse Action Plan intersects with state efforts. Speakers from the state and county level will discuss the regulatory process, stakeholder involvement, and water reuse implementation on the ground to showcase the steps and considerations necessary to design a successful state water reuse standard.  

Welcome and Introduction

  • Bevin Buchheister, National Governors Association, Center for Best Practices, Water Policy Learning Network 

Overview of Water Reuse

  • Greg Fogel, Policy Director, WateReuse Association 

State Regulatory Spotlight – Colorado 

  • Brandi Honeycutt, M.S., Environmental Protection Specialist, Permits Section, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Water Quality Control Division  
  • Liz Lemonds, Environmental Protection Specialist, Compliance Section, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Water Quality Control Division 

Water Reuse Case Study – Loudoun County, Virginia

  • Micah Vieux, Business Programs Manager, Loudoun Water