Demystifying the Use of Public Private Partnerships in the Water Sector and Key Actions Governors Can Take to Enable their Use

Welcome and Introduction of Speakers

  • Bevin Ann Buchheister, JD, Senior Policy Analyst, National Governors Association

What, Why and How to use P3’s in the Water Sector

  • Klair White, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure Advisory, Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors LLC
  • Stephen Auton-Smith, Managing Director, Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors L

Case Studies:
Speakers will detail the benefits and challenges of using a P3 for their major water infrastructure project, and More…will recommend key actions (legislative, regulatory, political support, resources, funds) for Governors to consider that will enable and encourage the use of P3’s in the water sector.

  • San Antonio, Texas
    The $920 million Vista Ridge Project is one of the largest public-private partnerships in the water sector in the U.S. It consists of a water pipeline and well field that is expected to increase water supply to the City of San Antonio by 20 percent for at least the next 30 years. Use of a P3 shifted risk from the public sector to the private sector for the financing, building and operation of this critical infrastructure.

    • Robert R. Puente, JD., President and CEO, San Antonio Water System
  • Rialto, California
    The City of Rialto’s water system needed major capital repairs and its wastewater treatment facility was at the end of its useful life and needed a major upgrade. Significant capital was needed for the upgrades, so the City entered into a 30-year public-private service delivery agreement that accelerated needed improvements through the use of private capital.

    • Tom Crowley, City Utilities Manager, City of Rialto, CA