How Extreme Weather Trends Impact Transportation Networks

In both incremental and dramatic ways, extreme weather is threatening our nation’s transportation networks. Devastating disasters, including hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, can cause billions of dollars in damage to roads, railroads, ports, and airports, and these events are increasing in occurrence and severity. Underpinning these disasters, more subtle changes, such as more frequent precipitation events and higher temperatures, also have direct impacts on transportation systems, from rails buckling with “sun kinks” to faster pavement erosion. This webinar, recorded on February 12, 2020, looks at the many ways in which extreme weather will affect state transportation networks in the coming years and hear how state Departments of Transportation and governors are preparing.



  • Deb Matherly, Principal Planner, WSP
  • Pat Bye, Independent Consultant

State Updates:

  • Ed Sniffen, Deputy Director, Hawaii DOT