Leveraging State Revolving Funds for Green Infrastructure Projects

States have an opportunity to use State Revolving Funds (SRF’s) to invest in nature-based infrastructure to improve water quality, mitigate flood risks, and improve the health of people and ecosystems. States can also use a certain percent of the funds to address funding challenges faced by under-resourced communities. In this Water Policy Learning Network Webinar webinar, policy experts from the Environmental Policy Innovation Center and Quantified Ventures describe creative approaches and tools already in use in some states to use SRF’s to finance nature-based infrastructure and policies to increase investment. Some innovative ideas include authorizing sponsorship projects and loan guarantees. The webinar highlights best practices from a diversity of states across the country.


  • Tim Male, Founder and Executive Director, Environmental Policy Innovation Center.
  • Katy Hansen, Senior Advisor, Environmental Policy Innovation Center
  • Tee Thomas, Director of Sustainability, Quantified Ventures