Marking the Road: Infrastructure for Improving Safety

Our roads are at the center of a public health crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 100 people die every day in the United States from vehicle crashes. Each year, there are an average of more than 6 million vehicle crashes each year, resulting in nearly 40,000 casualties and at least 3 million injuries. Reducing these statistics and substantially improving roadway safety requires an all-of-the above approach, from regulating and enforcing driver behavior, to fixing and improving the physical infrastructure. States are the drivers of these innovations and governors are actively looking for both new solutions and opportunities to reexamine existing practices to improve safety on roadways. On this webinar, our speakers discuss how cost-effective road infrastructure such as lane markings are being evaluated and reimagined to reduce vehicle crashes.

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  • Ethan Peterson, PE, State Pavement Marking & Traffic Device Crashworthy Engineer, MnDOT Office of Traffic Engineering
  • Adam M. Pike, PE, Associate Research Engineer Program Manager, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Dan T. Chen, PhD & PE, Vice President and General Manager, 3M Transportation Safety Division


  • Jake Varn, Policy Analyst, National Governors Association