Promoting Outdoor Recreation Through Health Policy

Park Rx programs are being adopted by a small group of physicians all over the country who are prescribing the outdoors along with other medicines to help patients relieve stress, lower blood pressure, enhance the immune system, improve self-esteem, and provide other health benefits.  They are relying on data from health researchers to justify their approach and are beginning to get support from insurance companies. In this webinar, NGA’s Outdoor Recreation Learning Network connects with the founder of Park RX and the Kids in Parks program, which is supported by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Participants learned how they can help promote and support wider adoption of these models and take advantage of this Covid-19 moment when the health benefits of outdoor recreation are universally acknowledged. 


  • Dr. Robert Zarr, MD, Founder, Park Rx America
  • Jason Urroz, Director, Kids in Parks, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation