Webinar: Zero Trust in Practice

Many cybersecurity professionals consider the Zero Trust framework the gold standard for implementing a strong information security practice. One of the reasons Zero Trust is held in such high regard is its multi-faceted approach that combines metrics from devices, networks, data, applications, and user identities to dictate access to business resources. Although Identity is only one of the five pillars in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s foundation for Zero Trust, Identity is the cornerstone that determines the success of any Zero Trust implementation. The National Governors Association recently hosted Shane Dwyer, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the State of Iowa; Adam Ford, CISO for the State of Illinois; and Mitch Spaulding, Senior Solutions Engineer at Okta, to discuss the importance of Identity in the Zero Trust model, the successes that these two states have seen after solving for the Identity pillar of Zero Trust, and future use cases for Identity in their states.


  • Shane Dwyer, State Chief Information Security Officer, Iowa
  • Adam Ford, State Chief Information Security Officer, Illinois
  • Mitch Spaulding, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta