Disagree Better

Research and Resources

Americans are deeply concerned and exhausted by the hyperpartisanship and polarization in our country, and rightly so. We’ve forgotten how to persuade without hating each other. But our nation’s history shows there’s a better way, and we all need to re-learn how to Disagree Better.

Addressing America’s Polarization Problem

In a special double issue, Deseret Magazine assembled preeminent thinkers actively seeking to address America’s polarization problem.

The takeaway: “There is a path out of the perpetual game of chicken. It won’t be easy, but it starts with each American. It starts with more constructive dialogue, better disagreeing, more listening and understanding, and individual decisions to treat our political opponents with greater dignity and trust, or, in the words of Wood, like they’re family.”

Articles include:

Deseret also covered a February forum at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, featuring Governor Spencer Cox and Governor Wes Moore.

Research and Resources on Healthy Conflict

Dozens of groups across the nation are involved in depolarization work, and the Disagree Better NGA Initiative will work to elevate their research and resources. Here are some of the individual leaders and organizations we have relied in learning how to Disagree Better:

You Might Be Right: How Can We Disagree Better?

Governor Spencer Cox and Governor Jared Polis joined former Tennessee Governors Bredesen and Haslam on the You Might Be Right podcast to talk about how they are encouraging Americans to disagree better.

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