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Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s 2018-2019 NGA Chair’s Initiative

The world of work is transforming at a rapid pace. Changes in technology, skills requirements, work relationships and demographics threaten to leave many workers behind. The effects of these trends are not evenly distributed. The goal of Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s 2018-2019 NGA Chair’s Initiative Good Jobs for All Americans is to demonstrate the vital role that governors play in solving these challenges and to highlight innovative actions governors can take to connect workers to good-paying careers both today and in the future.

GOOD JOBS FOR ALL AMERICANS: Governor Steve Bullock, 2018-2019 NGA Chair, on his vision for the initiative.

Key Activities

2018 NGA Summer Meeting

Initiative Launches

2018-2019 NGA Chair Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana starts the dialogue with the nation's governors to begin advancing the goals and priorities of Good Jobs for All Americans.


Three Regional Workshops

Regional leaders, including governors, their staff, business leaders, researchers, philanthropists, and other stakeholders will gather to have in-depth discussions focused on the Good Jobs for All Americans framework, providing their input, and sharing solutions they have developed.

May 21-22, 2019

Good Jobs for All Americans Summit

Governors and other national leaders will gather in Whitefish, Montana to highlight state leadership, unveil the cumulative findings of the Regional Leadership Workshops, and finalize a Governors’ Guide and next steps to ensure the availability of Good Jobs for All Americans.

2019 NGA Summer Meeting

Governors’ Guide: Good Jobs for All Americans

At the 2019 NGA Summer Meeting, Governor Bullock will present the completed “Governors’ Guide: A Roadmap for Providing Good Jobs for All Americans,” building on the conversations and activities held across the country throughout the initiative. This will serve as a launching point for further action by governors to help workers prepare for current and future careers.

Share your jobs story

Governors know that companies across America are at the forefront of developing new, cutting-edge strategies to connect workers to careers that allow them to grow and sustain a family. This initiative seeks to draw on those experiences and lessons to inform how governors can lead changes in their states to grow their economies and ensure that all workers have access to opportunites.