A.P. Lutali

Gov. A.P. Lutali

American Samoa

January 3, 1985 - January 3, 1989
January 3, 1993 - January 3, 1997

December 24, 1919

August 1, 2002



Birth State
American Samoa

Married Susana Lutali; Nine children


A.P. LUTALI was born in Aunu’u, American Samoa. He had a long career in education, the legislature, and the judiciary. He chaired the first American Board of Higher Education, which established Mapusaga, a community college, in 1974. He was admitted to practice in the High Court of American Samoa in 1954 and in 1972 was one of the founders of the American Samoa Bar Association. He was elected to the Samoan House of Representatives in 1955, serving as its speaker for three years. In 1977 he was selected to serve in the American Samoa Senate and was elected president in his first year. He chaired the 1966 Constitutional Convention and was the delegate-at-large to Washington, D.C., 1975-1979. He was elected governor in 1984, losing a second-term bid in 1988. He returned to the state senate in 1989 and chaired the Committee on Government Operations until his reelection as governor in 1992.