Albert E. Mead

Gov. Albert E. Mead


January 9, 1905 - January 27, 1909

December 14, 1861

March 19, 1913


Southern Illinois Normal University; Union College of Law

Birth State

Married twice--Lizzie Brown (four children); Mina J. Piper (one child)


ALBERT E. MEAD was born in Manhattan, Kansas. He was a graduate of Southern Illinois Normal University and studied at Union College of Law. After practicing law in Wichita, he moved to Blaine, Washington in 1889. He was elected Mayor of Blaine, a member of the State House of Representatives, and Prosecuting Attorney of Whatcom County before being nominated for governor under the sponsorship of agents of an executive of the Great Northern Railway. However, after winning the election, he antagonized his sponsors by urging an increase in railroad valuations for taxing purposes. Mead also supported legislation establishing a Railroad Commission, and acts establishing a State Highway Commission, a State Tax Commission, and a State Bank Examiner. A direct primary law was enacted as well to prevent a party convention from nominating a candidate contrary to the wishes of the electorate. Mead failed to win the Republican primary of 1909 and retired to Bellingham, where he practiced law. He also served two terms as president of the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce.





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