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Arthur B. Langlie

Gov. Arthur B. Langlie

  • January 13, 1941 - January 10, 1945
    January 10, 1949 - January 14, 1957
  • Republican
  • July 25, 1900
  • July 24, 1966
  • Minnesota
  • University of Washington
  • Married Evelyn Pansy Baker; two children
  • NGA Chair
  • Navy


ARTHUR B. LANGLIE was born in Lanesboro, Minnesota. He received B.A. and LL.B. degrees from the University of Washington. In 1909 he moved to Bremerton, Washington, where he practiced law. He was elected to the Seattle City Council in 1935. While serving in the Naval Reserve, he was elected Mayor of Seattle, a position that he held until he was elected governor in 1940. Defeated for reelection four years later, he practiced law and was elected to two consecutive terms as governor in 1948 and 1952. During his governorship, Langlie was chairman of the National Governors Association (then the Governors’ Conference) in 1955-56. He was also a delegate to the International Labor Organization Conference in Geneva, Switzerland and served as keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention of 1952. After leaving office, he was chief executive and president of McCalls Publishing Company and chairman of the McCalls board of directors.


Official Records at Washington State Archives, 1953-1957, 44 cubic feet.

List of finding aids available at the Division of Archives and Records Management, Office of the Secretary of State. Available in hard copy: Guide to the Papers of the Governors of Washington, Volume 3: 1919-1957—Governor Hart through Governor Langlie.

The Political Graveyard

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Washington State Library: Governors of Washington State

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