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George Bryan

Gov. George Bryan

  • May 23, 1778 - December 1, 1778
  • January 1, 1731
  • January 27, 1791
  • Other
  • Succeeded


A native of Dublin, Ireland, GEORGE BRYAN was a member of the State Assembly and in 1765 was a delegate to Congress when they convened in New York to oppose the Stamp Act. As Vice President of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania in 1778, he succeeded to the Presidency of the Supreme Executive Council, the equivalent of state governor, upon the death of Thomas Wharton. He later held membership in the state legislature. He authored legislation to abolish slavery, and in 1780 was appointed a judge on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, a position that he held for the remainder of his life. Bryan opposed adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

Note: Actual month and day of birth not known.


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