Robert P. Casey

Gov. Robert P. Casey


January 20, 1987 - January 17, 1995

January 9, 1932

April 30, 2000


Holy Cross, George Washington University

Birth State
New York

Married Ellen Harding; eight children


ROBERT P. CASEY SR. was born in Jackson Heights, New York and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he was valedictorian of Scranton Prep School. A cum laude graduate of Holy Cross, he received his law degree from The George Washington University. He served in the state Senate from 1963 to 1967; was First Vice President of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention in 1967-68; and was State Auditor General from 1969 to 1977. As governor, he formed the Pennsylvania Economic Development Partnership and the Governor’s Response Team to create jobs and business opportunities. He established PENNVEST, a $2.5 billion program to rebuild the state’s clean water infrastructure, oversaw the enactment of a comprehensive statewide recycling program, created a new toxic waste cleanup law, and successfully advocated a landmark education reform program to improve the teaching profession. He also served as chair of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors. A strong right-to-life advocate, Casey signed an abortion control statute that was later upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. While governor, he was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare genetic condition in which proteins invade and destroy the body’s organs. He underwent a heart-liver transplant but ultimately died of complications from the disease. Four years prior to his death, after retiring to Scranton, he authored a book titled Fighting for Life.