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Harold Giles Hoffman
New Jersey

Gov. Harold Giles Hoffman

  • January 15, 1935 - January 18, 1938
  • Republican
  • February 7, 1896
  • June 4, 1954
  • New Jersey
  • Married Lillie Moss; three children
  • Representative
  • Army


Harold G. Hoffman was born in South Amboy, New Jersey on February 7, 1896. His education was attained at South Amboy High School, where he graduated in 1913. During World War I, he served in the New Jersey Infantry of Company H, in the 3rd Regiment as a private, and later attained the rank of captain of the 114th Regiment Infantry. He also served during World War II as a major in the Transportation Corps, as well as serving overseas as lieutenant colonel. Hoffman first entered politics as the South Amboy city treasurer, a position he held from 1920 to 1925. He also served as a member of the New Jersey House of Representatives from 1923 to 1924; and he served as the mayor of South Amboy from 1925 to 1926. From 1927 to 1931 he served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives; and from 1931 to 1935 was the state motor vehicle commissioner. Hoffman next secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor by a popular vote on November 6, 1934. During his tenure, the highway commission was eliminated and replaced by one commissioner. Also, a banking advisory board was established, as well as a state compensation commission. After leaving office, Hoffman secured an appointment to serve as the executive director of the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Commission, a position he held from 1938 to 1942 and 1946 to 1954. Governor Harold G. Hoffman, who was the author of several books, passed away on June 4, 1954. He was buried in the Christ Church Cemetery in South Amboy, New Jersey.


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