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Joseph Haslet

Gov. Joseph Haslet

  • January 15, 1811 - January 18, 1814
    January 21, 1823 - June 20, 1823
  • Democratic-Republican
  • January 1, 1769
  • June 20, 1823
  • Delaware
  • Married twice--Mary Draper, one child; Rachel Hickman, three children
  • Died in office


JOSEPH HASLET was the first person to serve a second non-consecutive term as governor of Delaware. He was born in Kent County, near Milford, Delaware, in 1769. After his parent’s deaths, Haslet was left under the guardianship of Chief Justice William Killen. He received a private education, and at the age of 21 he moved to Cedar Creek Hundred in Sussex County, where he engaged in farming. Haslet campaigned unsuccessfully for governor in 1804 and 1807. On October 2, 1810, he was victorious and became Delaware’s ninth governor. During his tenure, the Farmers’ Bank of the State of Delaware was founded, the state militia was restructured, and a number of war resolutions were passed by the legislature. Haslet did not seek reelection due to the 1792 Delaware Constitution, which banned a governor from succeeding himself. He left office on January 18, 1814, and returned to his farming interests. On October 1, 1822, Haslet won reelection to the governor’s office, and on January 21, 1823, he was sworn into office. During this term, Haslet granted several pardons and made numerous key commission appointments. Governor Joseph Haslet passed away, while still in office, on June 20, 1823. He is buried at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Milford, Delaware.


*Exact date of birth is unknown* 


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