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Joseph Maull

Gov. Joseph Maull

  • March 2, 1846 - May 3, 1846
  • Whig
  • September 6, 1781
  • May 3, 1846
  • Delaware
  • Married twice--Penelope Shields, two children; Sarah Daves Watson
  • Succeeded, Died in office
  • Physician/Dentist


JOSEPH MAULL was born in Pilottown, Delaware, on September 6, 1781. He was educated as a doctor, and practiced in his hometown of Pilottown before entering politics. He was elected to the Delaware State Senate in 1838, 1842, and 1845. He also served a term as president of the senate. Governor Thomas Stockton died on March 2, 1846, and Maull who was president of the senate at the time, assumed the duties of the governor’s office. During his brief tenure, Maull dealt with the effects of the Mexican War, which had started in the early part of 1846. After only two months in office, Governor Joseph Maull passed away on May 1, 1846, becoming the seventh governor to die in office.  He is buried at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes, Delaware.


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