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Joshua Hopkins Marvil

Gov. Joshua Hopkins Marvil

  • January 15, 1895 - April 8, 1895
  • Republican
  • September 3, 1825
  • April 8, 1895
  • Delaware
  • Married Sarah Ann Sirman; three children
  • Died in office


JOSHUA HOPKINS MARVIL, the ninth governor of Delaware to die in office, was born in Laurel, Delaware, on September 3, 1825. He received a rudimentary education, and worked on his family farm. For several years he worked in the shipbuilding business, and later owned and managed a shop that manufactured farming equipment. Marvil also invented a mechanism that made berry and peach baskets. His business grew and prospered after he supplemented steam power in his factory. Marvil entered politics in 1894, winning his first election, and becoming Delaware’s 40th governor. He was sworn into office on January 15, 1895, and three months later passed away. Governor Joshua H. Marvil died on April 8, 1895, and is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Laurel, Delaware.


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