More Than 30 States Join NGA Chair Governor Steve Bullock for Montana Summit Concluding Jobs Initiative

From top left: Internet pioneer and entrepreneur Steve Case; Governor Steve Bullock; Malcolm Frank, president, Digital Business, Cognizant; Gov. Bullock delivers concluding remarks at summit in Whitefish.

Representatives from more than 30 states joined National Governors Association Chair and Montana Governor Steve Bullock in Whitefish, Montana, this week for the Good Jobs for All Americans Solutions Summit, the final gathering for Gov. Bullock’s initiative.

The summit follows three regional workshops in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Des Moines that focused on preparing the workforce for the future, reskilling and upskilling midcareer workers and empowering rural communities. Those objectives were reiterated during the summit as Gov. Bullock encouraged state participants to share their innovative state policy and program solutions while continuing to brainstorm ways to continue engagement.

The governor was joined by leaders in business and education, such as Revolution Chairman and CEO Steve Case, Cognizant’s Digital Business President Malcolm Frank and University of Washington Tacoma Chancellor Mark Pagano for discussions on workforce development.

“There are two paths ahead of us,” Gov. Bullock said. “One where we’re able to capitalize on new technologies to increase productivity and improve our standards of living and create new waves of upward mobility for the average American.

“The other path is one with rising tensions and fears of joblessness or displacement, where the benefits of technology accrue to a few, and not the many, and where more Americans fall behind.”

The governor also spoke of his optimism, though. “By actively working with businesses, educators, workers, and others, we can ensure that the future of work is even brighter than work today.”

Gov. Bullock also previewed an upcoming Governors Guide, which will culminate the work done during his chair’s initiative and serve as an in-depth look at the tools governors can take back to their states to ensure that their constituents are better prepared to face workforce challenges. The guide will be unveiled during NGA’s annual Summer Meeting, taking place this July in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For more information about the Good Jobs for All Americans Chair’s Initiative, click here.