Guidance on Reopening Businesses

As stay-at-home orders are being lifted and as pressure mounts to reopen businesses, states should consider the types of regulations they will enforce and guidance they will provide to businesses in order to ensure a safe reopening of the economy. These regulations and guidance should take into account how the unique operations of different industries and companies may require specifically tailored guidance based on the intensity and frequency of human contact between employees and consumers in normal operations. Below is a table with guidance from national industry groups and federal entities that outline practices that should be adopted as businesses in each industry reopen.

This guidance broadly falls into four main categories: 1) sanitation measures, 2) social distancing measures, 3) use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and 4) processes to prevent those infected with COVID-19 from entering the work site. This resource can be used by states to inform guidance or regulations that may be applied to specific industries as they reopen and by employers that may be looking to adopt best-practices in their reopening strategy.

There are three parts to this compilation of guidance:

  • Part I features reopening guidance by industry sector, based on the guidelines from key trade associations.
  • Part II lists examples of corporate reopening plans, and
  • Part III presents general reopening guidance for industry.

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