Public Health

Governors play an important role in improving health outcomes for their residents. With an emphasis on finding equitable solutions to some of the most pressing public health issues, governors establish partnerships, utilize state resources, and work across multiple sectors and state agencies to develop and promote relationships to improve public health. The Public Health team supports Governors on various public health topics, including public health infrastructure, chronic and infectious diseases, population health, maternal and child health, and rural health. In addition to providing timely and individualized state-focused technical assistance to governors, their health advisors, and state agency leadership, our team is working to aid governors and public health leaders in statewide transformation efforts to build and improve public health through transformation efforts.

Our Focus Areas 

  • Disease Prevention and Management
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Medicaid
  • Population Health
  • Public Health Infrastructure
  • Social Drivers of Health

Meet the Team

  • Brittney Roy, Program Director
  • Asia Riviere, Policy Analyst
  • Chyenne Tran, Policy Analyst
  • Grace Burns, Policy Coordinator


NGA Public Health Library

Health Investments That Pay Off: Strategies for Addressing Asthma in Children

Health Investments That Pay Off: Strategies for Addressing Asthma in Children

Leading experts in asthma policy and research have asserted that to improve health outcomes and reduce asthma-related health care costs, it is important to augment high-quality medical management with asthma ...

An Opportunity for States to Fund Community-Based Prevention Programs

Community-based prevention programs (CBPPs) can serve as an important tool for states to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. New federal authority for states to reimburse for preventive services for ...

Testimony – Ebola Outbreak

The National Governors Association appreciates the opportunity to comment on the nation's efforts to combat Ebola. States play a critical role in these efforts as the first line of defense ...

Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse: Lessons Learned from an NGA Policy Academy

As part of the National Governors Association’s (NGA) ongoing effort to help states reduce prescription drug abuse, findings from the Prescription Drug Abuse Reduction Policy Academy were the focus of ...
Improving Birth Outcomes in Medicaid

Improving Birth Outcomes in Medicaid

Women who begin their pregnancies in poor health are more likely to have negative birth outcomes than healthy women, according to a paper released by the National Governors Association. Improving ...

Hearing Statement – Veterans’ Benefit Legislation

Statement by the National Governors Association Submitted to the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs United States Senate “Pending Benefits Legislation” June 12, 2013 On behalf of the nation’s governors, thank you ...

Improving Preparedness Through Sharing Public Health and Homeland Security Information

Governors can play an active role in improving how state and local agencies work together to produce useful homeland security and public health information during a disaster, according to a ...

Six Strategies for Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse

The abuse of prescription drugs is the fastest growing drug problem in the United States, and is the most common type of drug abuse after marijuana use among teens between ...

Strategies for States to Encourage and Fund Community Care Teams

Strategies for States to Encourage and Fund Community Care Teams outlines the role that community care teams can play in improving the quality and value of health care provided by ...