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a. What is the National Governors Association?

The National Governors Association—the bipartisan organization of the nation's governors—promotes visionary state leadership, shares best practices and speaks with a collective voice on national policy.

b. How is NGA organized?

The NGA chair, vice chair and other members of the nine-person Executive Committee, who are elected annually, supervise the association’s operations on behalf of the entire membership.

c. What is the NGA Center for Best Practices?

The NGA Center for Best Practices helps governors and their key policy staff develop and implement innovative solutions to governance and policy challenges in their states.

d. When does the association meet?

The governors convene at NGA meetings twice a year.

e. Can the public attend NGA meetings?

Like most associations, NGA's meetings are the business meetings of the organization. These are meetings for NGA members – not meetings for the general public.

f. How are NGA and the NGA Center for Best Practices funded?

NGA has separate funding sources that provide revenues for NGA and the NGA Center for Best Practices (NGA Center).

g. What is NGA's Corporate Fellows program?

Founded in 1988, the NGA Corporate Fellows Program promotes the exchange of information between the private sector and governors and stimulates discussion among the Corporate Fellows on emerging trends and factors affecting both business and government.

h. How is the Summer Meeting funded?

Financial responsibility for each Summer Meeting is shared between NGA and the host state.