NGA Management Consulting provides resources, services and assistance to governors, governors’ spouses and their staff through the complete life-cycle of a governor’s term from election day through the final year in office. NGA maintains a library of timeless advice and lessons learned from governors, governors’ chiefs of staff and senior staff, and governors’ spouses and their staff.

  • Transition Into Office

    Transition is the first test of the governor-elect and there is no grace period before launch. Building a firm foundation now can set the stage for a strong and vigorous governorship.

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  • Recruiting the Right Team

    A strong management team doesn’t just happen. Building an effective cabinet and governing team requires a thoughtful process of recruitment, screening and decision making.

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  • Organization & Operation

    The governor’s personal staff are a primary tool for interacting with the executive branch, the legislature and the media. He or she has flexibility in determining the organization and structure of the office.

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  • Leadership & Management

    The greatest determining factor in the structure of the governor’s office usually is the governor’s own management style. As leaders, governors set priorities and make decisions about the authority and responsibility of staff.

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  • Transition Out of Office

    A strong final year in office is as important as the first year in office. A transition out plan will help maintain a strong legacy, promote government continuity and an orderly transfer of power.

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  • NGA Governors’ Spouses’ Program

    The program provides spouses with opportunities to share experiences, best practices and advice with colleagues about their unique roles.

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How NGA Management Consulting Assists

NGA is available to facilitate a strategic planning retreat with your executive team to help plan and prepare during your first 100 days, as you approach reelection year or as your look to the final year in office. NGA staff can help design an agenda and help facilitate a meeting that is tailored to your team’s unique needs – help set goals, clarify roles, strengthen working relationships, and refine processes.

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