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Arthur Mastick Hyde

Gov. Arthur Mastick Hyde

  • January 10, 1921 - January 12, 1925
  • Republican
  • July 12, 1877
  • October 17, 1947
  • Missouri
  • Oberlin Academy, University of Michigan, University of Iowa
  • Married Hortense Cullers; one child
  • Cabinet secretary


ARTHUR M. HYDE was born in Princeton, Missouri on July 12, 1877. His education was attained at Oberlin Academy in Ohio, at the University of Michigan, from which he graduated in 1899, and at the University of Iowa, where he earned a law degree in 1900. He established a successful legal practice in Trenton, Missouri, as well as owning a lucrative Buick dealership. Hyde first entered politics as the mayor of Princeton, a position he held from 1910 to 1914. He next secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor by a popular vote on November 2, 1920. He was sworn into office on January 10, 1921. During his tenure, women were authorized to hold state office; the centennial road law was sanctioned; the state tax system was improved; public education was advanced; and state parks were developed. After completing his term, Hyde left office on January 12, 1925. From 1929 to 1931, he served as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in President Herbert Hoover’s administration. He also was active in civic affairs, and was instrumental in organizing the Conference of Methodist Layman in 1935. Governor Arthur M. Hyde passed away on October 17, 1947, and was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Trenton, Missouri.


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