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Claiborne Fox Jackson

Gov. Claiborne Fox Jackson

  • January 3, 1861 - June 30, 1861
  • Democratic
  • April 4, 1806
  • December 6, 1862
  • Kentucky
  • Married three times to Dr. John Sappington's daughters
  • Army


CLAIBORNE FOX JACKSON was born in Flemingsburg, Kentucky on April 4, 1806. His education was limited and attained in the public schools of his native state. After moving to Missouri, he established his own successful mercantile store. Jackson first entered politics in 1836 as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from Saline County. From 1838 to 1842 he was the state bank cashier in Fayette, Missouri. In 1842 he was elected a state representative again, this time from Howard County. He served as speaker of the house in 1844 and 1846. He then went on to win election to the Missouri Senate in 1848 and to the House of Representatives again in 1852. He served as state bank commissioner from 1857 until 1860, when he secured the Democratic gubernatorial nomination and won election as governor on August 6, 1860. During his tenure, the looming war caused tensions and problems to mount throughout the state. Also, a state convention was assembled to restructure the state militia, and Governor Jackson denied President Lincoln’s request to provide troops for the war. In July 1861, the Missouri legislature removed Governor Jackson from office. He then enlisted in the Confederate Army; however his health was declining, and consequently he was relieved of his duty. Governor Claiborne F. Jackson passed away on December 6, 1862, and was buried in the Sappington Cemetery State Historic Site, near Arrow Rock, Missouri.


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