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Henry Styles Bridges
New Hampshire

Gov. Henry Styles Bridges

  • January 3, 1935 - January 7, 1937
  • Republican
  • September 9, 1898
  • November 26, 1961
  • Maine
  • University of Maine
  • Married three times--Ellen May Johnston, Sally Clement, Doloris Thauwald; three children
  • Senator
  • Army


HENRY S. BRIDGES, the seventy-third governor of New Hampshire, was born in West Pembroke, Maine on September 9, 1898. His education was attained at the University of Maine, where he graduated in 1918. Before entering politics, he worked as a teacher, a magazine editor, and an investment banker. He also served twelve years as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve. Bridges first entered public service as a member of the New Hampshire Public Service Commission, a position he held from 1930 to 1934. He next secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor by a popular vote in November 1934. During his tenure, relief measures were enacted that benefited needy children and disadvantaged mothers; a fair unemployment insurance bill was promoted; and the first woman was appointed to the state judiciary. After completing his term, Bridges served as a member of the U.S. Senate, a position he held until 1961. In 1940 his name was placed in nomination at the Republican National Convention and it was confidently expected in New England that he would be the vice presidential nominee (Charles L. McNary of New York won the nomination). Governor Henry S. Bridges passed away on November 26, 1961, and was buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery in East Concord, New Hampshire.


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